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We propose a world ranking and continental rankings of national football teams.

The results of the official and friendly matches are used to calculate the theoretical results of the missing matches, for example:

- Team A 1-0 Team B
- Team A 3-0 Team C
- We get Team B 2-0 Team C

To determine these results, the following rules have been defined:


A calculation on all matches played demonstrates than the advantage of receiving is 0.67 goal, so an adjustement is made in favor of the visiting team.


Obtained results are those at the end of any extra time and, to limit the influence of rivers scores, the difference of goals of real results is capped at 5, a 7-0 result is the same than an 6-0 result.

Competition and date of the match

To give more weight to the official matches (FIFA competitions and continental federations competitions) and the most recent matches, a bonus is awarded to the winning teams.

These rules ensure fairness results, each matche played affects the ranking and value of the oppened is naturally taken into account.

World ranking and continental rankings from the results of the current year and the previous three years (2016 rankings are based on the offical and friendly matches of 2013 to 2016).

The continental rankings are made only from the matches between the teams from a same continent.

Right columns:

- Direct: number of different teams met.
- Played: number of matches played.

Results since 1872 with the tournament and the match venue.

Colored pellets (green, yellow or red) illustrate the obtained result (win, draw or losse).

World and continental prize list.

Right columns:

- Teams r
anked: number of teams ranked (having played a minimum of matches in the last four years).
- Matches played: number of matches played.


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